A Golden maternity shoot by Cedar Lake

March 26, 2022

I’ve been waiting a while to share this maternity shoot taken here in Golden at Cedar Lake. This is an exciting one, and after spending the Canadian winter away in Australia I’ve finally gotten around to releasing it.

This is a story of when Sarah and Dan took their dogs for a walk down at Cedar Lake. “I was walking the dogs one day and it was just so calm and quiet. The boys all went for a swim and I was jealous. Then I was like, there’s nothing stopping me from swimming! So I stripped down and waded in and it was just so beautiful. I wanted to recapture that feeling…that moment.”

Afterwards, Sarah approached me about her vision and I naturally jumped at the opportunity.
Water? Swimming in the fall? Cute baby bump? Yeah, sure!
I was so excited to photograph Sarah’s pregnancy journey alongside her husband, Dan.




There’s something magical about the lakes here in British Columbia. Especially in the fall when the colours take over the landscape.  Perhaps it’s the reflections or the certain vulnerability you feel when at the mercy of the waters edge. In either case this collection captures the beautiful connection between creating life and simply admiring it through nature.


It was important to me to document the playfulness and spontaneity between Sarah and Dan. As well as to recapture Sarah’s story, the way it was intended to be told. The two of them stripping down and jumping into the frigid waters of the fall certainly added an element of surprise. Although I wasn’t brave enough to follow, I’m so happy that they did.


A golden maternity shoot by cedar lake


Is there a special landscape close to your heart? Do you have a vision in mind for your maternity shoot?
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