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My love for photography was born with a desire to be taken back to life’s most fundamental memories.

When I was a teenager my brother died in a car accident and it tore my whole world apart. It was from here that I really started to question the purpose of our lives and what the hell this all means. This questioning led me to understand the depth of the simple moments, the ones we turn to and the family we come home to. It has deepened my curiosity on how people live and connect with the world around them.

Photography helps us to make sense of who we are.

At the time these seemingly mundane events may appear to be insignificant. Perhaps it’s your frantic and chaotic morning routine or the way you and your loved one look at each other as you negotiate who’s turn it is to change a dirty diaper. These little moments make up who we are, help us to feel safe and connect us to what’s really important.

This is what I reflect and bring to my photography. Because I believe it’s the simple moments that we all want to hold onto. Life isn’t staged and perfect. It can be messy, painful and yet beautiful. I deliver a little sense of humor to the chaos that is life and document a story that is remarkably honest and unique to you.

I help you to see the magic in the real shit!

Because this is what makes us human. It represents how we live, love and connect as a whole. When you look back on your photos years from now they should scream – I was here! I was alive! This was me!

This is the photography experience I bring to you.

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