Let’s capture the chaos, the constant interruptions, the moms who formula feed because they tried for months to breastfeed, or maybe they didn’t want to try. Who cares! Let’s see the tantrums, the mess and the mounds of unfinished projects. The toddlers who are barefoot and dirty running around a lake with a saggy diaper and boogers out of their nose. The boredom, the tears, the perfectly imperfect beauty that is parenting. That’s how I shoot family photography. It’s the real shit in all its entirety.

dad and baby sleeping



Documentary family photography is a very personal experience. This is why it’s important to set up a consultation for us to get to know one another. We will discuss our ideas and expectations for the session and talk about your family, what they’re like and any daily rituals you have.


Your family session will be a very relaxed experience. I usually spend the first 15 minutes having a chat with everyone just to break the ice. I won’t always have my camera up but when I do, I rarely intervene to direct you where to look, speak, or pose yourselves in specific ways. I will however gently guide you towards the light in some situations, but for the most part we want your story to be as honest and true to your life as possible. I’m constantly observing and searching for what your quirks are, where the connection is, what makes you light up and then I document it as honestly and creatively as I can. I always finish my sessions off with some quick and casual portraits.


A couple weeks after your session you will receive your story through an online gallery. From here you can choose to purchase additional prints.
We will also discuss which photos would work best for your walls and
for your album.


My family sessions are the really real stuff. I will follow you along and photograph your typical daily activities. This could be your morning routine followed by a small walk or hike. Or perhaps it’s your chaotic bedtime routine. Whatever the story these family sessions are a fun and relaxed experience that you’ll want to remember. Perfect for vacations and other adventures, or even just spending a day running errands.

My newborn sessions are gently guided (1 to 2 hours) and are the perfect way to document the quiet moments with your new baby. These sessions will take place in your home where everyone is comfortable. Best age for these sessions are 0 to 8 weeks old.

I also offer documentary style portraits for maternity sessions. These can be photographed at home or at a chosen location and sessions run from 1 to 2 hours.


  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Documentary family


  • Digital Images
  • Albums
  • Prints
  • Travel


$200 booking fee

Booking fee includes:

2 Hour Photo Session
Travel (within 100km)
Time to create gallery

collections are sold separately after you have viewed your gallery.

Collections start from: $600

mom with coffee


I have a documentary style that is evocative, nostalgic and joyful. I document your story as honestly as I can. Which means I hardly give any direction and build my sessions around your typical activities and daily rituals. However, I’m not a strict documentary photographer and will at times gently guide you or pose you if needed.

Because we want to remember how we actually lived!
How we laughed, cried and loved one another so fiercely.

Because we want to let go of this unrealistic expectation to be perfect and to act as if we have it all figured out!

Because we want to teach our kids that it’s ok to be themselves and to celebrate and honour their truth.

Because, and I’m speaking to all the parents out there that are always behind the lens. You are the most important person to your kids an you deserve to be a part of their legacy. You deserve to be in all the photographs, too!

First of all, everyone’s kid is a dick sometimes and the behaviours that trigger you probably aren’t something I’d notice. In fact this will only add to your story while allowing me to document an authentic experience. But if your child is showing that they’re really bothered by the camera I will just give them a bit of space and move onto something else until they’re more comfortable.

If you’re expecting a lot of direction from a photographer to create over-posed and stiff portraits, or photos taken with your whole family dressed up in matching outfits then this is probably not the style for you. I document your real life, or as close as possible. So if you’re looking for photos with real emotion that resemble your family and the life you have built then let’s talk! A quick look through my portfolio will give you a good idea on what to expect.

My main subscription packages include an album. After your session we will pick the best photographs to include into your album and I will design and send it off to production. If you’re just going for a shorter session I can still help you with this along with other printed materials such as wall art. I highly recommend printing all your photos. Even if they’re just small ones for your own scrap book.

I would 10/10 recommend Erin as a photographer! She did a phenomenal job with our photos.

– mike + crystal